TEW 287. Chris Douglas (Sparky, The Departmentheads)

Sep 15, 201963 minutes

Chris is a Saskatoon based musician who plays with Sparky, The Departmentheads, and runs Tone Shift Audio. We catch up on bands slowing down, new band roles, entrepreneurship and kids growing up.

You can contact Chris for all your audio needs at http://toneshiftaudio.com and https://thesoundcastle.ca.

Check out some Sparky and The Departmentheads too!

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TEW 286. Chris Lee (Diner Drugs)

Sep 8, 201964 minutes

As Is, Bong Jovi, Underage shows.

TEW 285. James Arsenian (Exes for Eyes)

Sep 1, 201964 minutes

Of Strength and Sorrow, Big Dreams, Pushing Yourself

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