TEW 274. Gareth Thomas (USA Nails)

Jun 16, 201963 minutes

Life Cinema, Car Accidents, Intuition

TEW 273. Michael Williams (Quiet Lions)

Jun 9, 201975 minutes

Absenteeism, Work/life balance, song writing.

TEW 272. Andrew Nolan (Intensive Care, Wolfagram, The Endless Blockade)

Jun 3, 2019102 minutes

Pirate Radio, Intensive Care, Squats.

TEW 271. John Judkins (Rwake, Scott Kelly, Laser Flames on the Great Big News)

May 26, 201974 minutes

Scary gigs, Inspirational Pull, Little Rock.

TEW 270. Scott Miller & Andrew Martin (Frig Dancer)

May 20, 201965 minutes

Hot Garbage, Marty's Wallet, Missing the bus

TEW 269. Stephen Schwegler (Pyrrhon)

May 13, 201976 minutes

Pyrrhon, Preparedness, Dave Witte.

TEW 268. Adam Edwards (Lost in the Riots)

May 5, 201970 minutes

Bonds, Self serving art, Adversity

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