TEW 255. Jason Garden (Author of You're Not Dead)

Feb 4, 201975 minutes

Cripple punk, Self doubt, MARTHA

TEW 254. Brandon Kellum (American Standards)

Jan 27, 201968 minutes

Studio runners, lyrical growth, Phantom Limb

TEW 253. Best of 2018 with Miskwaanakwad Manoominii

Jan 22, 201968 minutes

Musky and I play some really cool music from 2018.

TEW 252. Patrick Bennett (Mountain Dust, The Sick Things, Trigger Effect, Barn Burner)

Dec 30, 201870 minutes

Starvation, Angry Spaniards, Road Life.

TEW 251. Tom Berg (Self-Evident/Zebulon Pike)

Dec 24, 201873 minutes

Lost in the Machinery, Spazz House, Japan.

TEW 250. The Wok Show 1 Year Anniversary Live Stream

Dec 18, 201895 minutes

The live stream audio from The Wok Show 1 year anniversary.

TEW 249. Mike Grossnickle (Hashteroid/Dead Quiet)

Dec 10, 201868 minutes

Thieves, European labels, Bass tone.

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