TEW 241. Scott Miller (Anthesis/Frig Dancer/Clouds Become Oceans)

Oct 14, 201852 minutes

Dirty Death Metal, Shredders, Frig Dancer

TEW 240. Tim & Ben Waugh (Exalt)

Sep 30, 201844 minutes

Touring, Careers, Changes

TEW 239. Jared Ellul (Heart Attack Kids)

Sep 24, 201858 minutes

Long sets, Practice, Touring.

TEW 238. David Schellenberg (Tunic)

Sep 16, 201866 minutes

Business, Hobbyists, Dodge Caravans.

TEW 237. Derek Prince-Cox (Arise and Ruin/Wakeless/The Wok Show)

Sep 9, 2018107 minutes

Judgement, Keeping Busy, Marriage.

TEW 236. Marc Bourgon (Greber/Cancelled)

Sep 2, 201885 minutes

Self analysis, music pie, sharing.

TEW 235. Sean Arsenian (The Great Sabatini)

Aug 26, 201884 minutes

MF Doom, Custom Toys, The Melvins

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