TEW 288. Josh Ligaya (Auras)

Sep 30, 201979 minutes

Josh is the guitarist/songwriter for Waterloo’s Auras. We meet up in the office to catch up on their previous tour, the meaning of making, and people who don’t come to your show.

‘Binary Garden’ is out now so go snag a copy at ffm.to/binarygarden.

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TEW 287. Chris Douglas (Sparky, The Departmentheads)

Sep 15, 201963 minutes

Sparky, Tone Shift Audio

TEW 284. Nickolis Parks (Gaytheist/High on Fire)

Aug 26, 201957 minutes

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Aug 18, 201965 minutes

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Aug 4, 201952 minutes

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TEW 280. Brian Sepanzyk (Waingro)

Jul 30, 201959 minutes

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