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Derek Cox is a guest on Taker Wide

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TEW 237. Derek Prince-Cox (Arise and Ruin/Wakeless/The Wok Show)

Sep 9, 2018107 minutes

Derek is a Guelph based musician who plays with Arise and Ruin, Wakeless, Guy and a half, Ambre Mclean and Drudgery. He is also the host of The Wok Show. We met up at his studio to do a swap cast where we chat about judging new bands, keeping busy and marriage.

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You can check out some stuff he’s been on below…| Wakeless Arise and Ruin Guy and a Half Drudgery

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TEW 195. Derek Prince Cox

Nov 6, 201781 minutes

Cover bands, Touring, Shitty resumes.

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