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Marc Bourgon is a guest on Taker Wide

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TEW 256. Kevin Stewart Panko & Marc Bourgon (Music Journalist/Greber)

Feb 10, 2019101 minutes

Kevin is a music journalist with a long list of credentials and Marc is the bassist for Greber. This is a end of tour wrap up from the 2019 Greber/Humanity is a Curse European tour. Grab a copy of Greber's newest split with The Mighty Megalodon at bandcamp Grab Humanity is a Curse's records at http://humanityisacurse.bandcamp.com

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TEW 236. Marc Bourgon (Greber/Cancelled)

Sep 2, 201885 minutes

Self analysis, music pie, sharing.

TEW 207. Episode 200 part 2

Feb 12, 201849 minutes

Part 2 from the 200th Episode celebration

TEW 200. Marc Bourgon

Dec 17, 201769 minutes

Brain Pick, Song writing, Greber

TEW 165. Marc Bourgon

Mar 6, 201775 minutes

Cancelled, Fear, Friendship

TEW 139.Marc Bourgon

Jul 11, 201676 minutes

Cancelled, Song writing, Kissing Men.

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