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Sean Arsenian is a guest on Taker Wide

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TEW 266. Luke Rauch (Druids/Modern Life is War) wsg Sean Arsenian (The Great Sabatini)

Apr 21, 201963 minutes

Luke is the guitarist/vocalist for Iowa's Druids. We catch up and talk about their new record "Monument", weird Michigan shows, and upcoming plans.

The album is out now so buy it at https://druidsiowa.bandcamp.com/album/monument and grab physical copies at https://thecompanykc.bigcartel.com

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TEW 235. Sean Arsenian (The Great Sabatini)

Aug 26, 201884 minutes

MF Doom, Custom Toys, The Melvins

TEW 155. Sean Pearson, Sean Arsenian

Dec 5, 201633 minutes

Boxcar Sound Studios, Sean Pearson, Goodbye Audio

TEW 154. Lee Repko, Sean Arsenian

Nov 14, 201667 minutes

No List Records, Noise rock, Trust

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